Treat Others Equally

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Treat Others Equally

Tazmeen raidah: One day there was a homeless person. People threw food at the homeless person.


There was a rich girl saying “you will never get a big house like me!”, then the homeless person was really sad saying to
themselves “this happens everyday!

What did I do wrong?” Then, one day a girl came


by the homeless person and the girl said that “I’m selling my house. Do you want it?


It’s free!” The homeless person said “no thanks” the girl says “come on follow me,”


the homeless person follows her and the homeless person sees the house and the
homeless person sees the house and the girl says “it’s all yours no need to thank me!


Anyways bye!” The homeless person was crying out of joy some years later. The
homeless person became rich then the homeless person saw the girl who said
“you will never get a big house like me.”


The girl was homeless then the homeless
person said “you’re homeless now?”


Then the girl said “yes” the the homeless person got some food for her then the
homeless person gave it to her and said
“here you can have it.


“Then the girl says
“you would give me food after what I have


done to you?”
Then the homeless person said
“It doesn’t matter now I will treat everyone
equally no matter what they do”.


-Tazmeen raida
Class 5
Toronto, Canada

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